Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting thought.

I like reading other people's blogs. I'm always sad when someone's blog is blocked, and I'm not really close enough to the person to ask for permission into their lives. I often find myself looking at the blogs of people I don't even know. JD will come into the room and ask "who's that?" and I sheepishly admit I really don't know. He thinks I'm weird. I'm just into people. I like knowing the creative things they've done to spruce up their homes for little dinero. I like reading funny stories about the things kids say and do. I like looking at pictures and scanning for ideas of outfits to try or ways to do my hair. I like to look at things people make. I am fascinated by culture and how different, or alike, people are to me. Today, I had an interesting thought: if I am reading the blogs of strangers, strangers are probably reading this blog of mine. It's a little freaky to think that and it makes a part of me want to go private. . .but mostly, it just makes me smile. Maybe my life in some small way influences another person's somewhere and I don't even know it.

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Holly said...

Maybe it's a Knowlden thing. Jeremy is always asking whose blog I'm currently reading. Usually it is no one he knows....and sometimes it's no one I know either. But it's so much fun!