Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Newseum is the sweetest place we've been to yet. It's a news museum (get it? Newseum. so clever!) I went on Saturday with Matt and one of his friends. It costs 20 bucks to get in, but the ticket is good for two days. I went in and couldn't get enough. Matt kept walking ahead of me. It was the coolest. I was captivated. On Saturday, I spent the most time looking at a gallery of Pulitzer prize winning photos. They were incredible. They were images from around the world of both heartbreaking and heartwarming things... things like September 11, the Columbine shooting, wars between tribal people, lynchings, starving children, Olympians in all their glory, soldiers returning after war, presidents, MLK's funeral, veterans, children playing on city streets, others falling from burning buildings, firefighters. It was moving. I was in there for about an hour by myself. I was so sad the museum was closing. I had only seen one of the seven floors. I wanted to come back with JD. We came back on Sunday; unfortunately, we got there around three, which didn't leave us a lot of time either. Here we are in front of the largest piece of the Berlin wall in the United States.
We spent a big chunk of time on Sunday in the sports section. There were all these impressive images from Sports Illustrated over the years- basketball players, boxers, figure skaters, divers, baseball stars, kids in the streets, and aspiring youngsters. We watched a movie on the history of sports, which documented big moments in sports over the last 100 years or so. JD and I both ate it up. We also went to an FBI exhibit. There were a bunch of artifacts and objects from the biggest FBI crime investigations in US history. So many scary stories!

Basically, this place is amazing. JD and I both already agreed it's so worth it to pay to go again later this summer to see all the things we missed. If you are ever in this part of the country, go here. You won't regret it.

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