Saturday, June 12, 2010

IHOP... fail.

We live in College Park, Maryland. It's not the District exactly... it's about a 20 min drive to DC. It's the college town for the Univeristy of Maryland. The ironic thing is that most restaurants close at 10 or 11. What the heck? JD got back late last Friday night and we wanted to go out to eat. We drove around for a while until we finally decided we would go to IHOP because it was basically our only option. The service was terrible. We waited for like 15 minutes before we even got a menu. In my opinion, IHOP is also incredibly overpriced. Boo. While we were waiting, I took out the camera and called JD's name. This is the face he made at me. Bahahaha!
I laughed really hard. And then I tried to copy him. This is the face I made.

He is funny. I love him lots. A lot more than I loved IHOP!

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