Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby girl onesies.

This week, I've been working on some baby girl onesies for Kylie's first daughter. Kylie was one of my closest friends growing up and it still seems so unreal to me she'll have a little baby this summer. The baby's name is going to be Evalyn (Daniel's dad, Evan + Kylie's dad, Lynn= Evalyn). So sweet. For Evalyn's gift, I picked out some plain white onesies at the store and fancied them up a bit.
I did yo-yo flowers, a pretty tree, and the Great State. It was such a fun excuse to use my machine.
(I was working on the tree onesie in the storage office earlier this week and a customer came in to sign up for a unit. She asked me if I had an etsy shop (!!) and I told her I didn't. Then, she asked me if I at least sold at craft fairs (!!) and I told her I didn't. Then she scolded me and told me I shouldn't be hiding my talents and I should start sharing what I can do with others. Dear lady, do you know how much your sweet comments meant to me? She gave me such a confidence boost about pursuing this little butterfly dream in the back of my mind of making things and selling them. I was so flattered by her I was literally turning rosy in the cheeks. New favorite customer!)

Kylie was cute as could be at her baby shower this morning- just as darling as she was on the Ellen Show (!!) She got tons of precious baby girl clothes and other sweet gifts. Her sister-in-laws put together lots of pretty decorations and yummy food. It was a lovely morning :)
Love you, Kylie.


Holly said...

Thank you for sharing. I watched the Ellen clip and while it's nice seeing other people get things it suddenly became very personal because you know her. And as as cheesy as it sounds, because they look like a righteous young couple. God certainly watches out for his children. So happy to see that this couple was blessed.

(And way to be crafty! Way cute!)

Anna Rae said...

those were precious. I didn't read the post at first and just was looking at the pictures, and I was a little confused as to why you were making baby onesies!! hehe

Daniel and Kylie said...

eeeeek she will LOVE the onezies..esp the texas one ;) thanks so much for coming to the shower! it was so good to see you but sad too cause it was only for like 2 minutes. i love you so much and cant wait to come back this fall with the baby and spend more time with you. you are the best! xoxo

ps--totally do the etsy thing!! awesome idea!

Jocelyn said...

No, I did not cry when I watched that clip. I also swear I didn't show it to my entire family and say "I know her!!" I'm so happy.

Rachel Ann said...

But for real! You should share. Those were adorable. Absolutely adorable.