Monday, May 9, 2011

Best man.

Last week, one of JD's best friends got married. Jeff and JD were friends in high school. They worked together for two summers. They snowboard together often. JD has Jeff on his speed dial and Jeff asked JD to be his best man. JD organized a "bachelor party" for Jeff; basically, all his old friends from high school got together to pig out and watch home videos from their Taylorsville days. JD was pretty stoked to get all the guys together again. They had a really fun time.

On Friday morning, we went to the temple ceremony. . .
and on Friday night, we danced and celebrated at their reception.
It was a perfect day to get married. Clear skies and a little zip in the air! Oh, and if you recognize some of those boys,it's probably because you saw them at our wedding :)
Same groomsmen. Same tuxedo rental shop. Same florist. Same photographer. They're off to a good start! Congratulations, Jeff and Jamie. We're so excited for you.

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