Thursday, May 19, 2011

The story of the happy china cabinet.

Once there was a china cabinet, worn down from years of abuse. She had chips and cracks and her wooden accents made her look less-than-desirable. She was sad and dreamed of finding new owners to polish her up and treat her real nice.
One day, she met a young couple who saw her potential and wanted to take her home. They gave her a refreshing bath (scrubbed off the dirt),  a good massage (sanded down all her surfaces), and a nice manicure (rolled on a fresh new coat of white paint). They bought her a new dress (happy fabric) and some accessories (yellow knobs!). 
They gave her a lot of tender love and care. She felt beautiful and wanted in her happy new home. She made friends with some plates and bowls, and they lived together happily in the corner of the kitchen.
The end.

Ps. Even though most of the pictures are of JD working hard on this project, I helped too!
Isn't she gorgeous?!


Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS, it looks beautiful!!!

Roxanne said...

this looks great! i am so impressed!

Emily Leue said...

refinishing is the best, but SO MUCH WORK! you're lucky JD helps with that stuff!