Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear JD, my heart does little somersaults when you call me, 'bug' (short for lovebug). Dear10am-6pm shift at the storage unit, you seem particularly long when I don't have any pictures to turn into scrapbook pages. Dear blogg-y blog, you know my day's been loooong when I post on you multiple times in an 8-hour period. Maybe no one will notice. :) Dear banana bread, you tasted particularly wonderful this morning with that tall glass of milk. Dear rainstorm, I liked staying inside today listening to you pound against the window pane. Dear TThS night shift at New Haven, I'm interviewing for you tomorrow and I'm hoping you'll be mine so soon. Dear sewing machine, I wish I knew how to use all your features. Dear lovebug, I'm counting down the minutes til I pick you up from work. Can't wait to see your face.


Sara said...

That's one heck of a long shift! Anyway, good luck on your interview!

PS: I, for one, LOVE the multiple blog posts. ;)

Cory Sue said...

your blog always makes me feel good when I read it, so keep the posts coming! Love the pictures, and love you!

The Boultons said...

FACIAL HAIR! Brad and I like it : ) sorry SumSum. We love you guys!