Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Craft space upgrade!

Remember the space I was using in our old apartment for crafting and creating? Well, I definitely got an upgrade when we moved! When we first visited our little basement, the previous owners took us on a brief tour. There was a landing area between the office and the apartment that was basically dead space before. They mentioned something about how "we could maybe fit a desk in here and create an office space or something." In my head, I was thinking, "THIS HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL!" Fast forward a few weeks: I painted the space a ridiculously happy yellow, pulled in a few pieces of furniture, organized my craft stash, and created a totally useable and friendly workplace. It's so great.

I pulled some of the orange accents from our old living room to use as storage in my new workplace. I also painted the frames I covered in fabric a few months ago. There was too much black going on.
One of my favorite parts of the new space is the desk. When my mom was here, we used frog painting tape for the ceilings and trim in the living room and were impressed by the flawless straight lines. My mom suggested painting stripes in one of the rooms, but JD thought that idea was a little too crazy for right now. I decided to use the tape on a project he wouldn't care so much about. . . Hello new pretty striped desk! You make me giddy. 
If you are wondering about where I sit when I'm in here, the answer is: on a kitchen chair I pull in from the adjacent room. Things aren't exactly perfect yet, but I could still sit in this little corner of the apartment for hours and be happy. Where's the happy place in your home?

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Unknown said...

okay for real? what the heck Summer, YOU ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!! I'm so lucky to call you my sissy, & I can't wait to see your cutesy home this summer! these blog updates are totally rockin' :)