Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping with the family.

Despite the intense heat, overcrowded camping grounds, and obnoxious neighboring campers, JD and I tried to provide my family with a fun camping experience while they were here. JD made tinfoil dinners, Peach cobbler, and mountain man breakfast for us. . . and it was all delish.
In the morning, we took turns on the big tree swing at Burraston Ponds. Momma, Lindsey, Morgan, and Isaac were too chicken, but the rest of us braved the high platform. Of course, JD was a show off with his back-flips. . . and he even attempted a front-flip! He's impressive. It took all my will-power to just jump.
The mountains are so beautiful here. Sometimes I don't take enough time to soak it all in.


Sara said...

Fun!! You're brave for doing the rope swing. I get nervous just looking at those pictures!

Cory Sue said...

you are my hero for going off that rope swing...brave!
get it girl