Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Red lips.

On the way to the theater, our conversation went something like this.

Me (looking at myself in the flip-down mirror): My teeth look really white when I wear this red lipstick.
JD: I feel like that's the only reason you wear that stuff.
Me: So, what if it is? Sometimes I like red lipstick.
JD: I hate it.
Me: Do you hate it because it's messy and annoying or do you hate it because you hate the way it looks?
JD: Both.
Me: How can you hate the way it looks? It's so classy and sophisticated! When I was little, I always dreamed of wearing lipstick. Being able to wear lipstick is, like, the way you know you are grown-up. I feel so grown-up.
JD: I'm just saying. . . if I met a girl and she was wearing lipstick, I probably wouldn't date her.
Me: Rude! You are dating me right now.
JD: Yeah, and I wish you weren't wearing that lipstick.
Me: Just because you wear lipstick doesn't mean you have to wear blue eyeshadow and be a skank. I think that's what you think of when you think of lipstick. Think more of like a. . . woman who has got it all together. She's got tons of confidence. And when you see her, you think, "Wow. She can rock the red lips."
JD: I don't think like that.
Me: Oh, well, that's what I'm going for.
JD: Oh, well, you have some on your teeth.

I have mixed feelings about red lips. Sometimes I love it and other times I don't. JD hates it always. Anytime I even mention putting it on, he moans and groans and acts like I spoke the worst words I could possibly ever say. But sometimes I just tune him out and polish my lips up anyway. Like last night. I think going to the theater is a perfectly acceptable time to rock the red lips, with or without husband support. :)

It was a funny night. Thank you, Hale Center, for our first Utah theater experience. We'll be back soon.

Ps. Don't mind the continuation of my tye-dye shirt stripes onto Abby's dress. You'd have thought we planned to match our outfits. We didn't, I swear.



Dan hates red lipstick too... I wear it anyway ;) You look great Summer! So good to see you are happy and having a great time! Love you!!

Mikella said...

I like red lips on you! If I wore red lipstick I think I would look ridiculous- I think its like you have to have blond hair, it makes it more classy.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh Summer you look so much like Morgan with your hair so blonde. I love it! And I think it looks even better with your ruby red lips!