Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good friends.

When I was a baby, my parents lived by Rick & Julie Skousen. They became really good friends and kept in touch for lots of years. Whenever my family visits Utah, they stay with them. . . and a few years ago their family visited us in Texas. They're really kind people with really big hearts and they always make us feel at home. When JD and I were first married, I told him all the time I wanted to find "our Skousens". . . friends we could really be ourselves around, call up when we were bored, and count on when we needed. Even though JD and I are really good friends with each other (best, even), playing board games just the two of us and watching TV by ourselves on the weekends started to get really old really fast. We had a hard time finding couple friends who we both liked to be around and who we had fun with.

Cue Brad & Abby. Thank you, heaven! In the past 6 months, we've done loads of fun things with them and are so grateful for their sweet friendship. Thank you for introducing us to new games, new foods, new friends, and reserving Friday nights for date nights. We're so lucky to be in your circle of friends. And we think you're absolutely great.
(Pictures taken at Brad's b-day dinner at Sakura Grill the weekend before last.)

PS. Can't wait for our date to the Hale Center Theatre tonight!

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