Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things to remember.

I started writing this post about how going to Comedy Sportz was really fun and how we had a great time when we went there with my parents. I was going to talk about some of the more hilarious sketches and how much I appreciate clean humor. But then, I realized. . . that's not what I want to remember the most. I want to remember the way Dad's eyes crinkle when he laughs and how he kind of leans back a little when he's thinks something's really funny. Sometimes, I think things are a little humorous, but Dad thinks they're so funny and then I can't stop laughing because I'm laughing at his laugh.
I want to remember the sparkle in Mom's eyes when she looks at Dad and the way they are so comfortable in their love for each other. I want to remember sneaking a peak in their direction and seeing their hands tucked perfectly together.
The date nights and the outings and the fun things we do are worth recording and remembering, of course. But more than anything, I want to remember the feelings, the emotions, and the sentiments behind all these things we do.
I want to remember, as I looked at this picture on the camera after it was taken, I thought to myself "He's such a handsome man. . . and he's my date!"

The days go by so quickly. I can't believe it's almost been two years for us.

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