Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool find.

JD's parents are packing and cleaning their house in hopes of putting it up on the market soon. A few weeks ago we were up there and I came across this old sewing machine in their garage! They'd gotten it years ago at a garage sale, but had forgotten about it. Larry gave me permission to take it home with me and clean it up a bit. It was so dirty and yucky, but we polished and shined it right up. Now, it's a lovely addition to our room decor. I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

Side note:  A few months ago I bought a really nice Bernina sewing machine. Aside from my wedding ring, it's definitely the most expensive thing I own. My Dad helped pay for it and when he saw this White Rotary in my room, he leaned over to my Mom and whispered, "Tell me this isn't the sewing machine she spent all that money on." No, silly, this one is for decoration. . . the one I bought actually sews things. He's funny.

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Sean Gilmore said...

what a lucky find!!
My grandma has one of those, they are so neat!