Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nightmare on 13th.

I mentioned it last year, but JD worked at a haunted house in high school. I think it's a little freaky considering he's so nice. . . I thought only creeps enjoyed that kinda thing. Oh, no, this sweet boy has a random fascination with all things gorey, slimey, scary, and Halloween-y. We went to Nightmare on 13th together last week and he wasn't scared at all, just intrigued by new elements, costumes, effects, and characters he hadn't seen before. Here's some pictures I grabbed off their website:

It's a good thing JD didn't see me the first time I went through this year (I was with my co-workers) because he would've thought I was a total scared-y cat. My knees buckled every time I was startled and I let out more than a few loud shreaks. It wasn't so bad the second time because I knew what to expect and it was super crowded so there wasn't the I-am-all-alone-right-now-and-very-scared factor. Hooray for celebrating the season!

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Sara said...

Haha! Fun pictures! And way to celebrate Halloween--you're way braver than I am.