Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not my news.

So it's not really my news at all, but something big happened recently! My friends from high school, Taylor and Alisha, got engaged. Wahoo! They've been dating literally as long as I've known them and I'm so excited for their marriage. I've been stalking their pictures on Facebook and thinking about them tons lately. The magic happened in New York City, where Tiffany moved earlier this year. My heart aches a little thinking about Taylor, Alisha, Trey, and Tiffany celebrating together so far away. I miss their friendship and sometimes wish the passage of time and growing up didn't mean separating ways and moving on. So, sweet friends, we haven't talked in months and I don't know all the details of your lives, but I'm thrilled for this next step and I'm sending loads of warm wishes your way. Love and miss all of you!

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twmurphy said...

SUMMER!!! I Just saw this!! Thank you so much!! We miss you greatly as well...I too stalk you and JD's life and hope to be as happy as you two are in your marriage (from what it seems in your facebook life, haha) You have always been such an inspiration to me and a joy in the world!! Hope to see you soon!!

Love, Taylor