Friday, November 11, 2011

"Your presence livens up any conversation."

JD and I took my little brother to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) earlier this week. He'll be gone for two years learning a new language, gaining a stronger testimony of the Savior, teaching people His word, serving individuals and families, developing leadership skills, experiencing a new culture, preaching repentance, and sharing the good news of the Gospel. We are so excited for him and proud of his decision to serve!

The night before he left we went out to eat with a bunch of our cousins who are here in Utah. It was so fun to laugh and eat and talk with them. I think their advice and counsel to Jake calmed his nerves a bit.

Before we dropped him off at the MTC, we had lunch at Panda Express. Jake's fortune read, "Your presence livens up any converation."
Oh, Jakey, I'm sure the people of Argentina will fall in love with you. Your presence does make things brighter and more fun. We'll miss you, but know the Lord needs you to do His work. Happy mission :)

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Jennifer said...

these are great pictures. am enjoying your blog and will check back more often. kisses xox jennifer