Thursday, November 3, 2011

Texas birthday.

JD celebrated his birthday in Texas this year! (He's being converted to TEXAS every second, I swear. He's started stealing my longhorn hoodie when it's cold outside and I've never seen him  care about baseball as much as he did during the World Series this year). 

While we were home, we took family pictures, played baseball with Isaac, ate at Alamo Cafe and Rudy's (yum!), visited Lindsey at the cutesy yogurt shop where she works, spent time with Jake before he leaves for Argentina, watched a lot of baseball on TV,  got some dental work done, visited with both sets of grandparents, had dinner on the Riverwalk, played Settlers, ate homemade lasagna from my momma, sang "Happy Birthday" to the hubs, helped pick out new clothes for Morgan, saw some cousins at church, and relaxed a little. 
We really enjoyed our visit, but it's been busy busy since we got back. Make-up school work, packing, cleaning, painting, organizing, shopping, planning, un-packing, studying, dreaming, sewing, re-pairing, working, visiting, babysitting. You name it- we're probably doing it around this house!

But being busy feels good. It means we're alive! And productive! And happy!


Unknown said...

This post makes me realllllly happy, and I'm super stoked to visit you and JD in january :) oh and please email me some of these pictures!

Sara said...

Texas! RUDDDDDYYYSSS!! I'm so jealous. Glad yall had fun!

Holly said...

When we were at Larry's a few weeks ago they mentioned you were moving upstairs. I'm sure your heart sings about the chance to decorate again...and JD's probably moans a little at the thought of painting all over again. I sure hope you have pictures for future posts so I can see it all!