Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Sunshine Space

I've been wanting to do it for months. I've thought and wondered and prayed about it. I've worked and re-worked ideas in my head. I've struggled comparing myself to other people and have let Satan eat me up that way. But I finally did it: I opened an etsy shop!

Head on over to The Sunshine Space and check it out.

It's not quite perfect. These are my humble beginnings. I'm nervous and excited and have tons of work to do to get it where I want it. But I told my girls at work and my mom that I'd have it up by Thanksgiving. . . and I'm not one to break a promise!

EEK. So much to be grateful for!


Sara said...

Summer girl! Your shop is SO cute (and everything in it, obviously). I'm so glad you finally did it! Congratulations and happy Thanksgiving!

Radiant Red said...

Are you serious! This stuff is amazing! I love love love it! I didn't realize how artistic you are. Congrats darling!